Saturday, August 4, 2012


During his primary battles with Santorum, Ginggrich, and  Paul,  Mitt had no problem destroying them with millions of dollars in negative ads, giving no quarter and taking no prisoners . Now that he faces legitimate criticism over his financial dealings with and without Bain, he cries foul and demands an apology.  The Mittster can’t have it both ways,  either he created thousands of jobs with Bain or was not involved with Bain after 1999. However he continued to file documents with the SEC, through 2002 declaring that he was the CEO, President and sole shareholder and continued to receive compensation, although he says that he had no part in the management which outsourced jobs overseas. When the facts are as clear as this, he can’t claim that it is all a falsehood, the facts speak for themselves.

Within a week of complaining about what he considered negative ads, Mitt embarked on negative ads of his own. President Obama had given a speech in which he indicated in essensence that no man is an island and therefore success in business is not accomplished singlehandedly, that it takes a village which includes roads, electrical power, telephones and the internet as well as banks for an individual to start a business. President Obama even emphasized his meaning by summarizing and repeating his statement.

Mitt and his camp followers turned the meaning of the speech around to say that President Obama was against small business and of course his Fox lackies, followed in lock step, repeating that President Obama was anti small business. So Mitt is agitated when ads which he considers negative are lodged against him even when the ads have merit but does not hesitate to fabricate negative ads of his own. He can dish it out but can’t  take  it.

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