Monday, October 15, 2012


The chant “Fired up, Ready to go!” comes from a campaign trip President Obama made in his 2008 campaign to Greenwood, North Carolina a small town in the middle of nowhere. After an hour and a half drive over country roads the president arrived at the town community center. It was raining, his umbrella quickly collapsed and he was wet and cold as he walked into the building and found twenty people waiting for him. Twenty people after an hour and a half trip. He was disappointed, they seemed disappointed and soon thereafter a lone voice started the chant, Fired up. Ready to go, and kept repeating it. The crowd (twenty people) quickly joined in.  President Obama also joined in while thinking they stole my thunder. This has been his chant and credo since then.
What more can get you fired up, ready to go than an attack on “Big Bird?” Even with the president being extremely low key during his first debate, the Mittster could not resist stepping in it once again. He said that he would reduce the deficit by cancelling public television, including “Big Bird.”  That alone should once again, be an indication of how out of touch Mitt Romney is. The mittster if he had any sense  should have known that to announce that he planned to get rid of Big Bird would not go over well and could not stop himself from saying so.

The budget for PBS is 450 Million dollars a year, which amounts to about 6 hours of defense spending. The Mittster is a big thinker.
This plus his outright lies. In the past I had referred to his lies as misrepresentations but after repeated “misrepresentations” they should now be labeled what they are, outright, unmitigated lies. You can’t even use an “Etch a Sketch”, moment anymore; in fact the term Romney may soon take the place of the adjective, Etch a Sketch Moment, so that it will just be labeled as a Romney.

The Mittmeister has had so many do over’s, or never minds that it is hard to keep track of them and most of his followers believe they are hearing what he is saying for the first time
At one time he said he was for Planned Parenthood and suggested that he would support Row v. Wade since it was the law of the land. But some months later he said that if elected he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices he hoped would overthrow Roe v Wade.  This past week on October 9th, he said that he would not pursue any abortion-related legislation if elected president, “there’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I am familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”  Does this sound like a credible statement, especially with his running mate, Paul Ryan who has sponsored 38 Anti- Abortion bills. Several hours later the Mittster’s support staff put out a press release saying Governor Romney is proudly pro life and would be a pro life President.

In that infamous Boca Raton video he said that he would not work towards an Israeli-Palestinian agreement because Palestine was not interested in peace and he would only deal with the issue if it came up. In his foreign policy speech this week he said he would be working towards a settlement between Israel and Palestine. It’s as if you can never count on any of his statements being the final word on the subject.  You can usually expect a correction to be forthcoming from his support staff.
In that same infamous speech in Boca Raton he said 47% of the population pay no federal income tax, believe they are victims entitled to government aid, so it’s not his job to care about them.  They will vote for President Obama and there is nothing he can do about it and will not worry about them because they are not responsible for their own well being.   When the video was revealed by Mother Jones Magazine on September 17, 2012, Romney’s first statement was that he stood by his comments but that they were inelegantly stated.  He told Hannity on October 4, 2012, “well clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and questions and answers, now and then you’re going to say something that doesn’t come out right. “In this case I said something that was just completely wrong.”

Just completely wrong is stating it mildly and it was not just a slip of the tongue, as the campaign now seeks to portray it. The Mittster stepped in it, with both feet, giving a complete explanation of what he thought about those less fortunate than him.  He is now back tracking and saying that he is concerned with 100% of the population, because he has been told that some of the 47%’s who are relying on social security to support themselves, are Republican seniors who were his supporters.
The Mittster touts his ability to be bipartisan and argues that his role as governor of Massachusetts, a blue state is proof of his ability to work with both parties. Once again Mitt exaggerates his one term as governor. He has been described as believing himself to be imperious such as when he called legislative leaders into discuss the budget crisis his sense was “I have been elected governor, I am the CEO here, and you are guys are the board of directors and you monitor the implementation of what I say.” To say he had bipartisan support while governor is a far stretch from the truth. The Mittster vetoed 800 pieces of legislation most of which, the Democratic legislature overrode.

The New York Times reported on October 14, 2012, that during his one four year term in office as governor of Massachusetts, the Mittster cumulatively spent part or all of 417 days out of the state. More than 70 % of this time was spent according to a review of his schedule on personal or political trips unrelated to his job.  The citizens of Massachusetts now view Mitt as a phony who sought the governorship only as a stepping stone in his pursuit of the presidency. That maybe a reason why he is more than 20% behind in the polls and is not contesting the state.
The Mittster makes outlandish statements not realizing or caring that fact checkers are out there attempting to verify his every utterance and he has kept them extremely busy. He takes credit for Massachusetts having the best schools in the nation while governor. Massachusetts had had excellent schools for a decade before the Mittster became governor and have continued to have excellent schools since he left the governorship. The school system receives state aid under a law called Chapter 70. Romney budgeted more chapter 70 money then the legislature agreed on.  Mitt’s plan would have robbed Peter to pay Paul, cutting other state aid to municipalities to fund his largess to education.

This is what he plans with Obamacare. He would repeal it and use the funds to pay down the deficit caused by his 20% overall tax cuts for the wealthy. The repeal of Obamacare would add add 109 billion to the deficit.
When the Miitster reverses his position he doesn’t explain his earlier statements and makes it appear that this is the first statement on the issue and is able to do this with a straight face without any apologies. It’s as if he believes his audience was not aware of his prior statements or positions.  His stone cold ability to do this without guilt or conscious borders on a socio-pathic personality.  Amazingly enough, his supporters accept whatever he says without questioning him.  They support him in lock step, not necessarily because they endorse his philosophy but because of their dislike for the president. If the mittster was to suddenly sprout horns and a tail, his supporters would not bat an eye and say, we can always cut them off later.

The Mittster is in charge of his own campaign and the campaign reveals only what he intends to do in order to win, not what he will do once he’s won.  In the midst of the world’s economic and foreign affairs crisis, can we afford to entrust the office of the presidency to an imperious candidate who can’t be trusted to keep his word?

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