Monday, October 29, 2012


During the third and final presidential debate on October 22, 2012 held in Boca Raton, Florida, President Obama In response to a statement made by Governor Romney, that the United States Navy has less ships then in 1916, responded that the U.S. also has fewer horses and bayonets, alluding to the fact that with multiple innovations the navy is much more compact and yet able to exert more offense than in the past. The president went on to say that the U.S, now has ships on which airplanes can land and ships that can go underwater, so we just don’t count ships.

The mittster did not respond. He has consistently been nit picking about different subjects just to appear to be in tune with the different issues of the day and fell into his own quagmire.

Instead the Mittster began to agree with President Obama’s policy, saying that the sanctions against Iran were working but that we should have done this sooner. His demeanor was different; he wanted to appear calmer, more subdued. He didn’t want to make the same mistakes he had made in the past when in the second debate, he thought that he had caught The President in a lie about Libya and jumped at the chance to destroy him. At that time the Mittster said that president did not label that attack on the consulate in Benghazi an act of terror until 14 days after the attack. The president had said that he mentioned that it was an act of terror the following day. The Mittster asked the president to repeat it and then took a step closer towards the moderator to push his point. The moderator Candy Crawley at this time said, no the president did say the day after the attack that it was an act of terror.
The Mittster was silenced, the crowd clapped, the president said can you repeat that louder Candy? What did this mean to the Mittster, was he caught with his pants on fire? No his supporters, the Fox News stooges instead attacked the moderator, saying she shouldn’t have gotten involved in  instant fact checking, that it was not her job to do that. By misdirecting the emphasis on the moderator instead of the Mittster, he once again escaped unscathed.

That is the reason the Romney that showed up for the third and final debate on foreign policy was not the same combative stumble bum that was there at the second debate. This Mittster was a “me too guy”, agreeing with the president on and all issues, while saying, “but I would have done it better!”
On Afghanistan, the Romney who  criticized  the president for setting a timeline for withdrawal and said he might keep U.S. Troops past NATO’s 2014 deadline, did not show up, instead  he sent the Mittster, who meekly agreed that the troops would be out on 2014.

When the Romney who called for a no fly zone in Syria, and supplying the rebels with arms failed to show up for the debate the Mittster once again said “we don’t want to get drawn into a military conflict” The Mittster then withdrew into his stump speech rhetoric, “I know what it takes to create  12 million new jobs.” Was he talking about in the U.S. or in China?  During the second debate President Obama challenged the Mittster when he said that on day one he would name China a currency mulipulater. The president said Governor Romney would be the last one to take on China, since he has outsourced jobs to China. The mittster returned the challenge saying that he has a blind trust and he doesn’t tell the trust how to invest and then asked the president, you have a pension don’t you? You have a pension don’t you? As if one has control over what a pension invests in. The mittster must have been absent at Harvard Law when they taught the difference between a pension and a blind trust.
During the debate between Romney and Ted Kennedy, when Kennedy said he had a blind trust the Mittster later laughed and said a blind trust is just a ruse, it can be broken at any time.

All the newspapers held the president the victor in both the second and third debate and the Los Angeles Times issues an editorial on Tuesday October 23, 2012, entitled “Romney endorses Obama”.
In the final two weeks of the campaign. Romney has perfected his campaign strategy of speaking out of both sides of his mouth on the same issues. By being pro and con on all subjects who can say that he is wrong, although this reinforces the many reasons to question and distrust his honesty.

In the final two weeks of the campaign, the Mittster is now using a teleprompter for his speeches wanting to avoid any romneys. His spokes people have now finally brought out the race card. John Sununu, a Cochairman of Romney’s campaign made the statement that the only reason Colin Powell endorsed President Obama was because they are the same race. Sara Palin, the Wasilla Alaskan song bird asked the president to cut the “shuck and jive” (as if she knew what that meant) about the attack on the Benghazi Consulate.  The Mittster has not stepped in to prevent the campaign from sliding further into the mud pit.
The Mittster has jettisoned his running mate Paul D. Ryan or “Mini Mitt”. During the first days of the campaign Mini Mitt was getting more applause than Romney and was being described as the new face of the Republican Party. However as the Mittster Etched a Sketched towards the center and bipartisanship, Mini Mitt was demoted. As Mini Mitt was crisscrossing small town in Ohio he was joined by the Mittster whose plans were changed by the hurricane, Sandy that hit the eastern seaboard this past weekend.

The Mittster  quickly praised Mini Mitts budget plan and further praised him for being bipartisan in working with Oregon Democratic Senator, Ron Wyden  on a Medicare Plan,( Wyden long ago disavowed the Medicare plan but both the Mittster and Mini Mitt continue use this as proof of their bipartisanship.
The Mittster can no long carry Mini Mitt who has become a burden beginning with his budget plan, which will change how Medicare is administered; the many questions about his convention speech, his lying about his time in a marathon and his co-sponsorship of a “personhood” bill with Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, (the same Todd Akin who said women have a way of shutting down a pregnancy in case of rape). Ryan no longer talks about his budget and since his defeat by Vice President Joe Biden during their debate he no longer is anxious to talk about the stimulus bill being a failure, ( During the debate the Vice President brought out the fact that the Mini Mitt, requested and received millions in stimulus funds for his constituents).

Romney continues to distort the facts about his record as the Governor of Massachusetts including his claiming credit for their excellent school system  (Massachusetts had an excellent school system for ten years before he became governor and the school system has remained excellent after he left office. His claim of reaching across the aisle with Democratic legislators is also an outright lie as evidence by the fact that he vetoed over 300 Democratic bills that were subsequently overridden.
The mittster is what he is, what you see is what you’ll get and yet his supporters overlook what they consider small imperfections such as his 47% video which has been quickly forgotten and swept under the rug. His next blunder is overdue; he is unable to go past a week without stumbling over his own feet.


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