Friday, November 2, 2012


The presidential election was 9 days away and it was anticipated that the final days of the campaign would be consumed with endless campaign hopping to the battle ground states, for last minute speeches directed at undecided voters.

However all of this was postponed by what some might call divine intervention, although with the loss of lives (more than 92, 38 in NYC  people and a cost of over $70 billion dollars) I wouldn’t call it an act of God. 

Whether it was an act of God or an act of man, Hurricane Sandy gave the voters an opportunity to compare and contrast how the presidential candidates reacted to this dire emergency. President Obama immediately suspended  his campaign, preparing  for the worst, while overseeing federal  emergency efforts, and thus was able to immediately expedite federal aid for rescue, recovery and reconstruction efforts, which drew praise from New Jersey Governor Chris Christy, a surrogate and keynote speaker for  Romney.  New Jersey Governor Christy’s words of appreciation for the president angered many right wingers, including El Rushbo himself, who ranted and raved to impress his sub marginal listeners.

On the other hand Governor Romney while trying to appear non political in this time of national disaster, came up with the idea of collecting canned  goods and non perishable items which he planned to have trucked from Ohio to New Jersey. If he truly wanted to be of value to the cause, he would have contacted emergency relief groups which would have advised him that for logistical reasons it is preferable to give money or donate blood. The Mittster has never been known for his common sense.
Do you have any doubts during this period of devastation, about which candidate has demonstrated that he has the necessary  competence, compassionate and leadership to be entrusted with the presidency of this country?

Governor Romney, during his Republican primary campaign debates, made the statements that if a federal program can be given to the states it is a move in the right direction and if the program can be removed from the federal government and given to the private sector it is even better. He was talking about FEMA, suggesting that he would get rid of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and hand its authority to the states which he considers to be in a better position to solve their own problems. Governor Romney has been reminded of these statements and asked if he planned to get rid of FEMA, not once but at least 14 times and he has refused to answer. In fact the Governor has not answered a question from a reporter during the last three weeks of this campaign. No wonder, he doesn’t need a reporter to help him make a fool of himself, he can do it all by himself.

In an Ohio unscripted speech which is usually when he makes romneys he said, “we have heavy hearts as you know with all the suffering going on in a major part of our country. A lot of people hurting this morning. They were hurting last night and the storm goes on.” I won’t try to decipher it for you.
 In the midst of this grief however the Mittster did manage to release an ad wherein he blamed President Obama for the outsourcing of auto industry jobs to China. The news media describes the ads as discredited which is a polite way of saying they are outright lies, which is not new for the Mittster. The Mittster will not respond to questions from the media about whether  the China claim is misleading.
Both General Motors and Chrysler have issued press releases stating that the Romney clains are incorrect, that U.S. auto industry jobs will not be outsourced to China.

On his campaign bus tour “every town counts” the Mittster failed to stop in Freeport Illinois, the home of Sensata,  a Bain Capital Company which is  a producer of sensors and controls for manufactures in the automobile, appliance, industrial and HVAC markets ( The Bain Capital Company in which Romney has an investment of $8 million dollars plans to offshore production to China, causing the loss of jobs to 170 workers. Two Republican congressmen, Dan Manzullo and Bobby Schilling urged the Massachusetts based Sensata Technologies to abandon plans to offshore production to China and keep the work and jobs in Freeport Illinois, but the Mittster has not made any statements regarding the plant closure. Romney has repeatedly said that he will be tough on China to create jobs but has failed to make any statements about this plant closure.  Yet he has the audacity to put out an ad which is total outright lie about President Obama outsourcing jobs to China. It demonstrates what a total hypocrite he truly is!

Romney continually attacks President Obama on the auto bailout while at the same time talking out of the other side of his mouth arguing that President Obama followed Romney's prescription to save the industry. President Obama and independent analysts say it was necessary to offer federal loans  to the auto industry to get them through bankruptcy because at the time banks were no longer lending to struggling industries., because credit was frozen. President George W. Bush gave GM and Chrysler a bridge loan in December 2008. President Obama  gave the industry federal loans which have since been repaid and the companies are now profitable.

The Mittster has continually criticzed the auto bail out without once admitting or ever acknowledging that his running mate, Paul Ryan voted for the auto bailouts!

From the inception of his campaign, Romney’s mantra has been “We will not be dictated to, by fact checkers” so he doesn’t care what he says or whether it’s truthful. In the last few days of the campaign expect a continuing cascade of outrages from the Romney camp as well as from Super PAC’s like Restore our Future and American Crossroads, both of which in the final days of the campaign are now spending millions.  Romney has started the final days of the campaign with an anti- Obama ad, aimed at his Latino supporters which features, Che, Castro’s daughter and Hugo Chavez as Obama supporters implying of course that President Obama is a socialist. This will have no effect on his Latino supporters and it clearly points out the Mittster’s desperation.
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who did not endorse a candidate for the 2008 campaign endorsed President Obama today (November 1, 2012) citing the issue of Sandy and Global Warming, and the fact that the president has turned the economy around. The Mittster as Governor of Massachusetts endorsed Global Warming but in his race for the presidency he quickly abandoned the concept since it is not accepted by some of his biggest supporters, the Koch Brothers.

Romney continues with his same stump speech about the economy, not conceding that at the time President Obama took office the economy was hemorrhaging 575,000 jobs a month, banks had collapsed and the country was in the worst depression since the great depression itself.  Since then with the auto bailout, which saved General Motors, and auto part jobs in Ohio, General motors’ is alive and generating profits. Housing prices are going up and unemployment is going down, but the

Thomas L. Friedman in the October 21, 2012, edition of the New York Times’ Sunday Review wrote that besides President Obama’s domestic innovation in Obamacare, in addition he instituted his Race to the Top program in education which has already set off a nationwide wave of school reform. In the automotive industry President Obama has raised the standards for American made cars and truck fleets from 27.5 miles per gallon to 54 miles per gallon between now and 2025. This is already spurring a wave of innovation in auto materials, engines and software.  
Mittster is ignoring all this and is still promising that he will add 12 million jobs to the economy. Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich stated that in a good year 2 million jobs can be added yearly, but 12 million in a year  is an impossibility, but the Mittster doesn’t care, if he get elected he can always say “Oops my bad!” The Mittster subscribes to the Moonlight Magnolia theory, which argues that when you strip away the unions and pension’s funds jobs will increase. The Mittster’s only true ideology is he believes in Mitt Romney.

The election is now only 5 days away and a wrong decision could lead to a Romney/Ryan victory which will result in damaging consequences for generations. 
Mitt Romney has demonstrated again and again that he cannot be trusted, that he is dishonest and has shown distain for the 47 % of the population which were not born with a silver spoon in their mouths. He is out of touch with the common man and has no real concept about how others exist. He pays minimum taxes, this year paying 13 %( and he would have only paid 10% if he had claimed his total contributions to the LDS Church. However after the election he will amend his tax return and receive a refund for the money he overpaid). He maintains offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands (for tax purposes, of course) and he only closed his Swiss Bank account after receiving ongoing criticism.

 He told teachers that class sizes don’t matter, he told students that they should shop around for the best student loans and that if they want to start a business that they should ask their parents for a loan. In short the Mittster lacks integrity and his involvement in governmental affairs would create havoc and severe discord. There is no comparison of the candidates and one only has to look back at 2000 and 2004 to see the serious errors that can result when an unqualified person is elected who does not have integrity and is incapable of dealing with America’s complex issues, at any time but especially during this period of economic crisis.


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